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    General Questions
    +What is Life Made A Little Easier?

    Life Made A Little Easier started as a smoke and vape shop in Staten Island, becoming Staten Island's first vape shop. Over the years we opened 2 more locations, 1 in Brooklyn and another in Staten Island. We've grown from a small vape shop focused on providing customers with what they needed to quit cigarettes, to a vape family, carrying everything under the sun when it comes to vaping, with a specialty on high end and collector devices.

    +What is vaping?

    Vaping is the act of inhaling the vapor coming from an electric cigarette. Vaping is short for vaporizing. Click here to go to our Youtube channel to learn the basics of Vaping.

    +How does vaping work?

    Vaping works by dripping juice onto cotton which sits on a heating element that heats up and "vaporizes" the juice. When we vape we use only the safest, unbleached, organic cotton, sure to not let anything seep into the ejuice we are vaping. The heating element is a coil made of metal wire, some atomizers have replacable coils with cotton built into them that you screw into your device, no work necessary. Rebuildable dripping atomizers or RDAs require you to buy your own wire, wrap it into the form of a coil, insert it into the atomizer, wick it with cotton, and then drip juice onto it. This is obviously more difficult but provides another level of control because you can build your coils with whatever thickness of wire, with as many wraps, and at whatever diameter you'd like. You can use two coils for more vapor, or you can go crazy and use 4 coils and create weather wherever. How you build the coils will be up to the preference of the user.

    +What is the juice made of?

    Juice has 4 main components:
    1. Propylene Glycol – Used in inhalers and other medicines as a medium to hold medication. Used in ejuice to hold flavor.
    2. Vegetable Glycerin – Clear, odorless liquid produced from plant oils, often from palm, soy, or coconut oils.
    3. Nicotine – Pure nicotine extract is added in the proper quantities to control the strength of the particular bottle.
    4. Flavoring – Flavorings can be natural or artificial, these are the same food-grade flavorings you find in food and drinks that say "naturally and artificially flavored".
    +What nicotine level should I use?

    This will depend on your current nicotine intake and how much vapor the device you select produces. If your device puts out a lot of vapor often a lower nicotine level will be right for you. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes a day (1-2 packs) this will often mean a higher nicotine level will be better for you. In a device that puts out a lot of vapor such as a dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub- ohm tank the proper nicotine level will be either 3mg or 6mg. For lower power devices that produce less vapor such as a tank or clearomizer, 6mg or above will be right for you.

    Vape Equipment
    +What do I need to start vaping?

    You'll need a few basic items but there are a few directions that you can take it, depending on your preference.
  • Battery/Device - You'll need something to create power in your vape, these do not produce vapor on their own but are combined with an atomizer. You can either go with a regulated device, which will have a screen with controls so you can control the amount of power your vape puts out. Some regulated devices have a built in battery and some use external batteries that you must purchase separately. The other option is unregulated or mechanical, where there is no screen and no power control. The amount of power put out by your device will depend on the resistance of the atomizer and the charge level of the battery inside it.
    Click here to see our video on the basics of Vape Devices.

  • Atomizer - There are a wide variety of atomizers that all look different but all perform the same basic task, this is the piece that will heat up and "vaporize" your juice. You can choose to go with a tank, that you can fill up with juice, screw in the heating element or coil as they are referred to, and begin vaping. These are easy to use devices most suited to beginner vapers. Then there is the dripping atomizer or RDA(rebuildable dripping atomizer). In this style of atomizer the user must build their own coils, wick them with cotton, and drip juice directly onto the cotton. This style of atomizer gives you the most control over your vaping experience but does have a higher skill cap.
    Click here to see our video on the basics of Vape Tanks.

  • Juice - There are many different varities and flavors in ejuice for you to choose from. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes you can choose a higher nicotine juice. If you prefer more throat hit and flavor you can buy a juice with a higher % of Propylene Glycol (PG). If you prefer less throat hit and more clouds you can buy a juice with a higher % of Vegetable Glycerin(VG).
  • +Does it cost a lot of money to switch to vaping?

    Absolutely not. Vaping is much less expensive than smoking in the long run. An quality vaping set up with batteries and juice can be purchased for under $100, ready to go. However, devices vary in features, quality, and rarity, which drives the price of higher end devices up. This ensures there is always room for customization and always room to upgrade or change your vaping depening on what you're looking to get out of it. Click here to visit our shop to get started on vaping.