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    So the FDA regulations are in... Now what?

    So the August 8th "vapeageddon" FDA deeming regulations are officially in effect, meaning any product that was not already being sold by this date can not be brought to market  without a PMTA permit. By the FDA's own estimation a single PMTA permit will cost about 1 million dollars and a permit will be required for each variation on the item as well. It goes without saying that 99% of the industry can't afford these permits and the environment of constant innovation where dozens of new products were being designed, released, and revised on a daily basis is now dead on arrival. When innovation is stifled it is the consumer who suffers. It's true that there are already a great deal of products on the market now, but without the capability to revise or update anything without a PMTA permit we're stuck with whatever imperfections exist in the products we have now. The consumer is the clear loser here, if a juice company finds that their PG supplier is using contaminated materials, they can't change their supplier without acquiring a PMTA permit and are thus incentivized to keep quiet or risk having their product taken off the market, to the detriment of the consumer. 

    However, this is just one effect of almost every vaping product or accessory being "deemed" a tobacco product. This includes coils, cotton, batteries - things that are clearly NOT tobacco products. As a result there are a great deal of services that we provided at our shop that we will no longer be able to provide. A short list of things we will no long be able to do at our shop is as follow:

    • Build Coils
    • Wick an atomizer
    • Fill Tanks
    • Screw on Atomizers
    • Give free samples
    • Troubleshoot device issues

    Performing any of these routine services for customers would make us a tobacco manufacturer, for which we don't have a permit. Many of our customers never learned how to do these things because we were always happy to do it for them, however, now everyone must learn to DIY.


    So what are we doing about this?


    First off, samples can no longer be free so we will have a change jar on the counter, which you will be required to deposit into before you can sample any juice. A portion of the proceeds we collect for sampling will go directly to fighting these FDA regulations through such organizations like the CASAA. We also plan to launch a video series detailing the steps in doing most of the basic day to day maintenance of a vape for people who've just been thrusted into the world of building and troubleshooting. 

    So the world is still turning and we're still open selling the same great products we always have albeit we won't be selling anything new. We'll take this chance to review our inventory and take another look at the products that are out there and make a final decision on the inventory we'll decide to carry in the coming months. We have a feeling that since we can't build our customers coils anymore, we'll have to stock up on wire.


    Keep an eye out for our upcoming YouTube series and drop by our shops for a chat some time! (As long as we don't talk about the health benefits of vaping, which is explicitly banned from being talked about.) Thanks!

    Welcome to the Life Made a Little Easier online store!!

    What's up everyone, and welcome to the official online store of Life Made A Little Easier! If you're already a customer of one of our 3 brick & mortar stores, then you'll already be familiar with a lot of our inventory, except for a select few online exclusives. If you're not familiar with our stores then feel free to browse our selection of premium e juices and high end mods. We've even included a special collection we're calling #RARE that is full of high-end, hard to find mods such as the Avid Lyfe Shock and Awe mod, an American made absolute TANK of a mechanical mod, modeled after a 20mm shell casing and sought after by collectors of Avid Lyfe's line of hard hitting, American made mods.

    The great thing about this platform is that we're able to offer you the inventory of all 3 stores combined into one place. Whether you're a customer of the stores, you're local but you're not yet a customer, or you're elsewhere in the United States all can have access to our inventory just the same! And as an added bonus for locals in the NY area, most deliveries will arrive in just 1 day!

    So browse through our inventory or come visit us in stores at one of our 3 locations and be sure to follow us on Instagram for sales and some awesome content and we'll see you in the next blog post!